The Why

The Why
May 3, 2016 Rev.Earl

So how did a parochial school kid end up writing books about the need for a reformation of Evangelical Christian theology to include the rediscovery and inclusion of our Hebrew roots?

It was a long journey indeed! One that only the Good Lord could have produced.

My God-life adventure started out traditionally enough with 16 years of solid Catholic education. However, the solidity of the education wasn’t strong enough to keep me from wandering away to find out if I was smarter than God as to how to govern my life.

I acutely learned that I was not.

I went on to traditionally learn how to think intellectually in a truly Western, Greek-like fashion, first by attending law school with its Socratic instruction methods and later by studying systematic theology in Bible college.

Always inquisitive, I had so many ongoing questions as to whether God had offered one consistent plan or multiple amended blueprints in regards to mankind’s ultimate destiny. I expected that Bible college would address several of the lingering inquiries I had regarding apparent conflicts between Old and New Testament approaches to knowing and understanding God.

My earlier concern about the Bible conveying a bifurcated message only intensified.

I simply could not wrap my mind around the fact that impliedly, God had tried to deal with man in one way in the Old (Jewish) Testament only to seemingly turn around and begin to deal with man differently in the (seemingly Gentile) New Testament. The course curriculum was pretty standard relative to many other seminaries and Bible colleges in that it taught that Jesus’ (pre-cross) teachings were intended solely for the Jews of that age, while the Apostle Paul’s (post-cross) letters applied to us newly arriving Gentiles.

You could see my quandary: We have the Lord saying in Hosea 3:6 in the Old Testament that He is the Lord and He does not change. Correspondingly, in the New Testament, the letter to the Hebrews declares that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. My Bible college’s bifurcated approach to teaching did not square with what I was discovering in the Holy Scripture.

Then along came nearly a decade of jail ministry. I became a Spanish-speaking chaplain that needed to condense my homilies down to 15 minutes or less.  Upon my request, the Lord gave me a download consisting of a simple message that enabled me to explain the entire Bible using only five words, all beginning with the same letter. I learned over time that I was to teach those five words in a particular fashion. In that particular moment, I did not understand why.

After learning the five words and teaching them in the configuration God had given me, everything began to come together. Scripture began to simplify itself in the process of making sense. The seals on many of the mysteries of God began to be peeled away.

Both inside and outside the jail walls, listeners began to truly understand that the Bible is one book inspired by a singular culture that fulfills hundreds of prophecies, implementing God’s perfect plan for mankind and our earth.

I am convinced that God desires that His never-changing perfect blueprint plan for mankind and for our earth be understood in a simple, straightforward fashion.

In fulfillment of a personal prophecy I received in 1978, I am proffering in a series of books what I am convinced God is unveiling to His children in our time. I believe He desires to begin to implement the final removal of a rebellious spiritual government in the second heavens as well as within our earthly environment. As we prepare for the Final Coming of our Hebrew Messiah-King, Jesus of Nazareth, we will begin to at last understand and see up close what the “one new man” in Christ actually looks like. In Yeshua, there will be no Jew and no Greek, only Christ.

In Yeshua, there will be no Jew and no Greek, only Christ