The Rules of The Game

Do we even understand as believers what God’s Kingdom goals happened to be?

Rules of Engagement

Do we understand the relationship between God’s authority delegated to us and our access to Divine power?

As We Obey…

God’s key to unlock our access to His Divine power.

God’s One New Man Construction Project – Rev. Earl Clampett

We are living in unprecedented times. Scripture teaches that there will be no longer Jew nor Gentile, but rather One New Man in Messiah. How will the Father roll out this divine mystery? Come see the unveiling of God’s restorative plan to unite all His people back to the Father in a One New Man in Messiah Movement starting right here in San Diego!

Overcoming the Unloving Spirit

God wants us to know, love and appreciate Him as our Divine Father who provides for us, protects us, and Who gives us our identity. We are to love God, our neighbor, and ourselves. If we do not love ourselves as children of the most high God, we are subject to lies from the Adversary regarding our intrinsic value and worth.

Unloving spirits attempt to convince us that we are not lovable. Spirits of bitterness attempt to convince us that we ought not to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes. God’s solution: We are to embrace God’s Heart of Love for us as His children.

The Superior New Covenant

From the book of Genesis onward,God had established a covenantal/contractual blueprint that lays out His roadmap of bringing both groups of His Jewish and Gentile children back to him as their mutual Father. All of His covenants are fulfilled through the Seed of His Divine Son.


As we walk out the terms of God’s ancient and modern covenants, our natures as well as that of God’s, are revealed for the world to see.

The Spiritual Battle/Overcoming the Spirit of Bitterness

We humans are the targets and the the trophies of two competing spiritual kingdoms. We must learn the rules of spiritual warfare transpiring between these two spiritual kingdoms if we are to become God’s trophy contrasted with being Satan’s target.

Bitterness is a spirit, which if not overcome, can make us emotionally handicapped and physically ill.

Is God’s Bible Design Greek Linear or Hebrew Circular? 

Watch along and discover whether God selected the Hebrew culture or the Greek culture through whom to reveal Himself to the nations of the earth.

Rev. Earl provided the homily to the weekly Shabbat service at the Tree of Life Messianic Congregation in San Diego, CA

Hebrew Logic vs Greek Logic

The Jews of the Bible used block logic in which they experienced truth over simply pondering it. They believed in “deed before creed”—the opposite of Christian thought today!

How to Overcome the Spirit of Fear

God has a biblical principle and Kingdom solution to the Spirit of Fear. Learn who our Adversary is and what tactics he employs against us.
Put to work how to personally walk out God’s triumph over fear by implementing His tried and true Divine strategies.

No Greeks and no Jews!

Attempting to systematize a Hebrew God using Greek theology is contradictory. As one new man in Christ, there is neither Jew nor Gentile, and together we all have the same access to every covenant in Scripture!