Kingdom Calling

God’s Kingdom is here and now. Are you building it?

Four theologians, Robert Wolff, Don Enevoldsen, Earl Clampett and Mark Huey, have combined their hearts to bring an understanding of the Kingdom of God. Kingdom Calling: A Field Manual for Believers presents a timely message for today’s believers. Filled with practical, applicable insights to help us hear our Father God’s heart cry to His faithful followers.

The Blueprint

Is God’s Bible Design Linear or Circular?

God has a divine purpose for His people—a spiritual blueprint for each of our lives. What does His perfect plan for humanity and our earth look like? Which shape does it take on—a straight line or a completed circle? Has He ever changed His mind about fulfilling His original blueprint? Why does it matter? The answers and their eternal impacts on each of our destinies just may surprise you.

God’s Got a Problem on His Hands

God’s problem is spiritual rebellion on the earth

The Church in America has lost its light and salt to the world. Maybe it’s because our theology is upside down. Christian pollster George Barna has expressed serious concern in a 2005 report on the health of the Christian Church in America. He explains that the long term absence of real change on key measures of religious belief and behavior screams for a change of direction and a more radical approach to spiritual growth.

This book deals with the problem that God has both in the heavens and on earth. The problem is not solved with current evangelical teaching which emphasizes that heaven is the goal of Christian salvation while the earth and its nations have been written off by God. Our dying and going to heaven does not address or fix God’s problem. The solution is to be found in the one prayer Jesus taught. Come explore what may be the key to real and lasting revival along with a reformation of current evangelical understanding on the meaning of salvation and eternal life.