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  • Rev. Clampett’s “The Blueprint” is a game changer. It has helped me take my Judeo/ Christian theology from an intellectual exercise to a practical, useful mechanism through which I can live out God’s plan for my life. It truly assists me to live out the question: “How does our Judeo/Christian theology practically apply in my life?"
    Rev. Wayne Clarke
    Rev. Wayne ClarkeCommander U.S.N., Retired.
  • Judge Clampett’s most recent work entitled “The Blueprint: Is God’s Bible Design Linear or Circular?” is evidence that he has given a great deal of thought to this original understanding of the Scriptures. Hopefully, it will serve to bring numerous believers and others to a closer walk with Messiah Jesus.
    Dr. Robert B. ThompsonWord of Righteousness Ministries
  • Earl's decades of experience as an accomplished lawyer and judge has required him to be a straight thinker. Conversely, his pursuit to embrace the circuitous character and mysteries of God has forced Earl to re-think his linear thinking. This writing will revolutionize the way believers see and understand the God of yesterday, today, and forever. Get ready for a new and well rounded look at the old book.
    Caz TaylorProphetic Teacher, Christian Columnist, and Author