My story is a spiraling circle. It’s a story about initially unappreciated blessings and a subsequent falling away. It’s a story about a divinely merciful and infinitely patient Father who never gave up on me long after I had already thrown in the towel.

I was afforded another opportunity to travel even deeper into life’s questions in order to at long last appropriate a lost identity as an accepted and appreciated child of the Most High God.

   |  It was not an easy journey. But discovery journeys seldom are.

Along the way, I’ve learned that Our Father often utilizes unrefined resources in the form of His people to minister to others, to share in similar experiences, and to deliver messages of teaching, conviction, healing, and edification to others seeking membership in the Divine Family.

Early on in my journey, I was assigned with the task of being a messenger in the capacity of an observer, or a watchman. I took advantage of practical learning opportunities as an assistant minister and also decided to add additional formal religious studies to the mix. Attempting to balance a Bible college education with my ongoing, full-time duties as an Administrative Law Judge, jail chaplain, father of four, husband and assistant minister was no easy task. Only by the grace of God did I manage to make it to graduation.

However, upon graduating from Bible college, I found that I actually left with more theological questions than I had when I first started. The questions I had anticipated being clarified during my tenure there only intensified, prompting me to seek God directly in resolving some of my unaddressed points of concern. His answers and subsequent instruction often occurred serendipitously. I have written two out of a collection of four books that attempt to explore whether God is in a season of unsealing and revealing answers to mysteries that were reserved until “The Day of the Lord”. Frustrated Church members sense something large is lacking and often seem lost and unaware of their true destiny. Perhaps it is time to declare that there is a need for a reformation of belief from within.